The significance of Money 20/20

June 1, 2023

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The significance of Money 20/20

In just a few weeks – from 6-8 June – more than 7000 attendees and 350 speakers from across the globe will descend upon the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre for Money 20/20 Europe, the world’s premier fintech conference.

But what is Money 20/20, why does it matter, and what is Ozow doing there?

What is Money 20/20?

The landscape of the financial industry shifts constantly and quickly. In this environment, staying ahead of the curve is vital, but also difficult. Founded in 2011, Money 20/20 offers unparalleled access to the startups, industry leaders, and visionaries who are changing the face of modern finance. It also brings a unique focus on payments, banking, and financial technology.

Kesheni Moodley, Ozow’s Chief Commercial Officer, describes it this way: “Money 20/20 is a pivotal event for the fintech industry, serving as a global stage where financial technology's top players converge. As Europe's largest fintech event, it attracts established banking institutions, international companies, and innovative startups from across the globe.”

Conferences – held throughout the year in locations across the world – are the crown jewels of the Money 20/20 experience, which also includes a networking and sales platform for professionals operating in the global financial ecosystem.

Why Money 20/20 matters

There are many fintech conferences around the world; what makes Money 20/20 different?

One of the hallmarks of the conference is its ability to bring together diverse stakeholders from across the world to exchange ideas, explore emerging trends, and discover the latest innovations in technology. This cross-pollination, combined with its narrower focus on the cutting edge of financial technology, payments, and banking, makes Money 20/20 one-of-a-kind.

“The event's significance lies in its ability to facilitate networking, foster collaborations, provide industry insights, engage investors, offer regulatory guidance, and deliver educational sessions,” Says Kesheni. “Money20/20 truly shapes the future of fintech by bringing together the brightest minds, fostering innovation, and driving the industry forward.”

Attendees to the conference are treated to a veritable buffet of international finance experts. This includes:

  • Keynote speakers
  • Fireside chats
  • Panel discussions chaired by industry thought leaders

Each experience offers valuable insights into cutting-edge technologies, regulatory challenges, customers experience and market trends, to give attendees the tools needed to inform their decision making.

Ozow at Money 20/20

At Ozow, we’re not just striving to expand access to finance amongst South Africa’s 47 million unbanked, we’re constantly driven to embrace innovation in our financial environment.

“Ozow’s participation in Money 20/20 holds immense value,” says Kesheni. “Firstly, the event presents a vast networking opportunity, both through face-to-face interactions and the AI-driven Connections App. This enables Ozow to identify and connect with key businesses and potential partners, facilitating strategic collaborations and new business opportunities.”

“Secondly, Money20/20 serves as a global platform for showcasing Ozow's brand and innovative products to a wide audience, raising awareness and attracting potential clients and partners.”

The final reason speaks to the heart of not only Money 20/20’s mission, but to Ozow’s own values: “By participating in the event, Ozow gains valuable insights into emerging trends, market dynamics, and partnership possibilities. Money20/20 offers Ozow a gateway to expand our reach, foster connections, and stay at the forefront of the fintech industry.”

Why is this last factor so important to us?  

As a company committed to the people of South Africa and Africa at large, Ozow is firmly solutions oriented. But finding solutions requires a willingness to embrace the new, to champion evolving trends that can serve the interests and needs of our business partnerships and consumers alike. At Ozow, we want to be the best, to offer the best to our market.

Our products are built on this philosophy, and it’s a natural fit for Money 20/20’s global stage. Kesheni sums things up aptly: “Participating in the conference will help us find solutions for challenges facing the payment industry in Africa, explore new business avenues, and maintain our position as a leading player in the industry.”

It’s just one more step in our journey to bringing easy, fast, and trusted payments to everyone.

Want to meet us at the event? Visit our booth on the show floor, or book a slot with our team using the Money 20/20 Connect app.

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