Voucher redemption

Vouchering, a new way to pay

With over 20 million South Africans who are unbanked, the digital counterpart to cash has arrived, facilitating broader accessibility to digital transactions.

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Open the door to
the digital economy capture more customers

  • Affordability
    Vouchers are a more affordable way to pay than credit and debit cards.

  • Strengthen Customer Retention
    Foster stronger customer loyalty by broadening payment options by offering vouchers.

  • Convenience
    Vouchers are a more convenient payment option, especially for those without bank accounts, compared to cash.

voucher security

Reduce Risk and Enhance Security

Mitigate risks and cut costs by embracing vouchering as a secure payment method. Vouchers, not linked to a bank account, eliminate fraud risks, offering a safer alternative compared to the uncertainties of cash or vulnerable debit cards. Choose the secure path to seamless transactions with vouchering.

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