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Introducing Absa Pay through Ozow - an innovative payment solution designed to advance your digital transactions. Discover improved completion rates, superior security, and a simplified payment flow that drives your business into the next generation of commerce.

* You must be 18+ years to use Ozow.ME
why Absa

Why choose Absa Pay ?


Faster Completions
Enjoy a quicker payment flow, from 'pay' to' completed' in record time.
ozow security
Enhanced Security
Two-factor authentication and data encryption ensure your data is kept safe and secure.
Simple authentication
Log in effortlessly with just your mobile number – no additional information required.


pay by bank
Guaranteed settlements *
Experience daily aggregation and automated reconciliation for seamless financial management.
*Subject to Absa's internal processes and terms and conditions.
ozow pin fast
Enhanced security and Fraud protocols
Collaborative security measures with Nedbank ensure a secure environment, without the need for extra development efforts.
Access to +11 million Absa users
Expand your customer base and reach a broader audience effortlessly.

How Absa Pay works

Secure, Safe, and Simple
Absa Pay streamlines the payment process. With just your Absa account number and the Absa app on your smart device, you can execute transactions securely. Follow the user-friendly prompts for an optimal user experience.

Absa Pay

Experience the Future of Payments

Enjoy a seamless, user-friendly interface for hassle-free transactions.
Reduce abandoned carts
Monitor transactions and performance
Gain real-time insights into your transactions and overall performance
24/7 Customer Support

How to use Capitec Pay?

Capitec Pay is safe, secure and easy. While one or two steps might have changed, we’ve just made the process more intuitive than ever.

Customers no longer need their banking details – with Capitec Pay you only need your mobile number, the Capitec banking app, and a smart device. After using your mobile number simply follow the prompts.

*The API is currently available to eligible merchants and industries as part of Ozow and the Bank's phased rollout

Absa Pay payments FAQs

What is Absa Pay?

Absa API is a secure and innovative solution that streamlines online payments. It leverages a direct connection between Absa and Ozow, eliminating the need to share your sensitive account details with third-party websites.

What is the difference between Absa and Absa Pay?

In line with the South African Reserve Bank's (SARB) Vision 2025, Absa has initiated its Open Banking venture – Absa Pay. Absa Pay is a fresh payment approach introduced by Absa for Ozow customers. This solution eliminates the requirement for clients to utilise remote banking credentials for payment purposes. Instead, they can employ their account number as their bank identifier and their banking app for authorisation.

How do I use Absa Pay?

Once you have chosen to pay with Ozow at the merchant checkout, simply opt for the Absa Pay and proceed by inputting your account number. You will then get a notification from Absa through your Absa Banking App to authorise the payment.

What if I didn’t receive the Absa notification to approve payment?

If you did not receive the notification:
1. Sign into your Absa App
2. Open the menu options
3. Select Authorisations and Approve the transaction

Will this require additional integration?

No additional integration will be required.

Can a merchant opt out of using Absa Pay?

Certainly, merchants have the option to not use the Absa Pay. However, by opting out, your consumers will be using bank automation instead of the more secure and efficient Absa Pay.

If you wish to opt out of using Absa Pay, kindly send an email to support@ozow.com notifying us of your decision.

Can an Absa API transaction be done via RTC?

No, Ozow will aggregate funds on your behalf and settlement will occur once a day.  This will be done at 15:00 on weekdays and 08:00 on Saturdays. No Settlement happens on Sundays or  Public Holidays.

How long do Absa transactions take to reflect on the Ozow Merchant dashboard?

As with our standard Instant EFT products, these transactions and statuses are updated in real time on the Ozow Merchant dashboard.

When does settlements of Absa transactions occur?

Settlement of funds for Absa transactions will occur once a day on weekdays at 15:00  and 08:00 on Saturdays. 
No settlement occurs on Sundays or public holidays.

Will there be a limit to the amount you can pay via Absa Pay?

Your personal Absa payment limits apply.

Capitec Pay
with Ozow

Paying with Capitec on Ozow has changed for the better with Capitec Pay – an intuitive payments API powering the next generation of commerce.

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