Ozow Payouts

Ozow Payouts offers customers an easy way to request and withdraw funds from merchants in minutes. Thanks to our easy to integrate API, merchants can payout via EFT to accounts held with all of South Africa’s major banks in a few quick, easy steps.

What’s more, Payouts automation eliminates the cumbersome and time consuming manual payout process, helping to reduce staff costs while increasing business efficiencies and customer satisfaction, chat to us.

Faster payouts mean satisfied customers

When customers request a withdrawal, they expect to receive their funds quickly. Ozow’s RTC (Real-time clearing) payment option helps your business live up to these expectations. And with our batched payments, you can initiate payouts to unlimited recipients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with one click of a button.



Automated notifications are sent to the merchant as soon as an outcome is received from the bank.


Our API allows merchants to tailor the payout experience to their customers.

Funds Usage

Merchants can utilise funds in their float for either payouts or refunds.

Fast reflection

Funds reflect in customer accounts within minutes from the moment of request.

Payouts FAQs

Will the Payouts API also perform account verification?

Yes, we provide CDV checks. CDV is a preliminary check on account validity. The combination of six-digit bank branch number and the bank account number are validated to ensure that they satisfy the check digit rules that each bank has. This does not check if the account itself is valid or active

How long will a Payout take?

We offer RTC (Real-time clearing) and Standard transfers. RTC availability 00:01 -18:00 (Weekdays) and00:01-13:30 (Saturdays). All transactions outside of these times will be processed the next business day. 

Are there any limits to the amounts for Payouts?

For RTC (Real-time clearing), on weekdays the limit is R5 million per payout and on weekends it is R250K.

How long will it take for a merchant to receive Payout confirmation?

It can take up to 24hrs for merchants to receive confirmation of payout even though the funds have already reached the customer.

How long does testing take?

Merchants must test the required scenarios using the Mock API and Actual API in staging. With Actual APIs in staging, merchants can only test Non-RTC payouts.These must be submitted before 4pm (CAT) so that they can be batch processed and completed at 9am the next day.