Seriously secure

Your data is yours.  We plan to keep it that way by making every payment as secure as it is easy and fast. With the latest technology and by adhering to the highest international standards, we take every measure to ensure all Ozow payments are safe.

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Ozow Serious about security
POPIA and GDPR regulations

Keep it to yourself

We make sure nobody except you and your bank can see the information you use to make an Ozow payment. All your data is encrypted end-to-end, and we don’t save it unless you give us permission to. Every payment needs to be authorised with two-factor authentication, otherwise it won’t be honoured. And to back all this up, we also adhere to POPIA and GDPR regulations.

Licensed to protect

We know how important it is to make sure any payments you make or receive with Ozow are as secure as Fort Knox, so we’ve done the due diligence to make sure of this. We’re licensed by the Payments Association of South Africa as a Systems Operator and Third-Party Payments Provider. We abide by PCI-DSS Level 1 processes. We’re PCI-certified, even though we don’t process credit cards.
Ozow Ultra Secure

Ultra secure

Ozow is POPIA regulated


Ozow PCI certified

PCI certified

Your trust means the world to us

So to make sure we earn it, we put ourselves through rigorous, independent security testing. This way, we know we can provide you with the safest possible payment experience.

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