Ozow and WhatsApp for Business API

Where innovation meets accessibility. Unlock the potential of seamless transactions with Ozow's WhatsApp for Business API. Reach millions of South Africans directly, harnessing card-free transactions and enhancing customer engagement through a unified channel.

ozow payment solutions

Elevate your Business

Send real-time payment messages for improved visibility in customer communications. Streamline Payment Requests – Utilise a verified WhatsApp channel for single and bulk payment links. View and track payment requests effortlessly.

How Ozow's WhatsApp for Business API Boosts your Business:

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  • Increased reach
    Connect with a broader audience seamlessly.

  • Enhanced customer trust
    Build trust through secure and efficient transactions.

  • Improved customer experience
    Elevate interactions with streamlined messaging.


WhatsApp for Business Benefits

Achieve higher engagement with an open rate of 98% and a response rate of 45%. Enrich interactions with rich media messages, photos, videos, and documents to improve experience.

All while WhatsApp's encryption guarantees the security and privacy of all messages exchanged.

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