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Ozow offers a solution that allows your customers to make Ozow easy, Ozow secure payments right from their device, through a simple step-by-step process. Let us help you integrate Ozow into your eCommerce store, so you can process orders faster than you can say O-

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Receive payments online through Ozow’s QR code solution. Customers are able to make Ozow fast, and Ozow easy payments by scanning a QR code, taking them directly to Ozow’s payment flow. With just a few taps here and there, you will receive payment in seconds.

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Through Ozow, you no longer have to wait for proof of payment or for money to reflect. Our solution invoices your clients via email, allowing them to make quick payments that can be done across a variety of devices and internet browsers through a platform that is Ozow trusted.

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Now your customers can make Ozow easy, Ozow trusted payments on the move. By integrating with Ozow, your customers can make payments via SMS on any smartphone device. Just simply click the link, follow Ozow’s step-by-step payment process, and boom – payment is done.

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We offer a range of online benefits to ensure a secure and effortless experience.

Ozow Easy

Pay from your computer, cellphone or any other device anytime, anywhere.

Ozow fast

Fast-track your shopping by making payments in under sixty seconds or less.

Ozow trusted

Reduced risks of identity theft compared to any other card payment system.

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