Capitec Pay with Ozow

Paying with Capitec on Ozow has changed for the better with Capitec Pay – an intuitive payments API powering the next generation of commerce.

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Why use Capitec Pay

Capitec Pay is an intuitive API that better facilitates transactions with merchants. Here’s how it helps you:


Better, faster payment flow
Capitec Pay reduces the steps necessary to complete a transaction, taking you from ‘pay’ to ‘paid’ in no time.
Payment management
Two-factor authentication and data encryption ensures your data is kept safe and secure.
Just your mobile number
Simply log in using your mobile number – you don’t need anything else.
Enhanced security
Two-factor authentication and data encryption ensures your data is kept safe and secure.


Settlements and reconciliations
Merchants can now experience guaranteed settlements, daily aggregation, and automated reconciliation.
Security and development
Enhanced security and fraud protocols in collaboration with Capitec with the added benefit of no additional development required to use the service.
Access to +19 million Capitec users
Expand your customer base to reach a wider audience.

How to use Capitec Pay?

Capitec Pay is safe, secure and easy. While one or two steps might have changed, we’ve just made the process more intuitive than ever.

Customers no longer need their banking details – with Capitec Pay you only need your mobile number, the Capitec banking app, and a smart device. After using your mobile number simply follow the prompts.

Capitec Pay FAQs

What is Capitec Pay?

Capitec Pay is a fast and secure way to make online payments without entering your card or bank account details.Through Capitec Pay, you'll no longer have to share your banking details with online merchants. Simply use your cellphone number and verify the payment on your banking app. It is the safe and secure way to pay online.

What is the difference between Capitec and Capitec Pay?

As part of the South African Reserve Bank's (SARB) vision for 2025, Capitec has started its Open Banking initiative – Capitec Pay. Capitec Pay is a new payment method offered by Capitec to Ozow clients. The solution replaces the need for clients to use remote banking credentials to make a payment. Instead, they can use their cell phone number as their bank identifier and their banking app as their authorisation.

How do I use Capitec Pay?

Choose Capitec Pay as your payment option from the merchant checkout page. Follow the instructions and enter your Capitec registered cellphone number. You'll receive a push notification from your bank to approve the payment in your Capitec App.

What if I didn’t receive the Capitec notification to approve the payment?

If you did not receive the notification:
1. Sign in to your Capitec App
2. Tap Transact
3. Tap Capitec Pay and Approve

Can I enter my cell phone or ID number on the payment flow to complete the purchase?

You are only able to use your mobile number. Ozow does not support ID numbers for client identifiers on Capitec Pay.

Will this require additional integration?

No additional integration will be required.