Cape Town Is Becoming The Tech Hub Of Africa

December 23, 2021

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Cape Town Is Becoming The Tech Hub Of Africa

Over the last few years, major tech start-ups and industry giants have moved their offices to Cape Town. They’ve done this for good reason.


While Johannesburg might be the economic hub of the country, Cape Town is fast becoming the technological hub of Africa. In the last few years, the city has seen billions of rands in investment in tech businesses. This was all before the announcement of our $48 million Series B funding round.


It’s also part of the reason why Ozow has made the decision to move our Head Office to Cape Town. It’s where we’ll be able to attract a lot of talent, and further cement ourselves as a leading player in the South African tech market.

New hybrid and remote work policy

The world of work is changing, and so are we. In order to remain a company of interest for top talent, Ozow needs to adapt.

Adapt we did. We’ve embraced the opportunity to join the front-runners of the new corporate normal and created a hybrid and remote work policy. It’s been a long time coming.

Most of our Johannesburg team are developers, and generally have a preference to work from home. As a forward-thinking, innovative company, Ozow knows that to get the best of the team, the team needs to be empowered to do great work. This renewed approach is based on giving our team the freedom to choose how they work – from home, or in an office.  

While some team members might prefer to work from home, others do thrive in an office environment. So we’ve arranged for monthly WeWork memberships that our Johannesburg team members can take advantage of if they would like.


Our Cape Town team has also been offered a change in the way things are done. The hybrid model allows for team members to balance their work between home and the office, with two days at home, three days at the office approach.


If you’re interested in working for us, and finding out first-hand exactly how this remote and hybrid policy works, check out our careers page here.

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