Go digital with Magento’s modular design and Ozow.

Magento’s intuitive offering coupled with Ozow’s accessible payments platform makes it easy for your customers to transact.

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Capitec Pay now available on Magento

Download the extension from Ozow HUB to enable instant EFT payments from customers using the Capitec Pay through Ozow.

For more information on Capitec Pay

Why use Ozow and Magento?

Ozow is one of South Africa’s fastest growing fintechs, allowing 47 million South Africans to make payments to you from 9 major banks. Magento’s enterprise edition gives merchants a customisable solution that can be tailored to their business needs.

Or, you can opt for their community edition which gives developers even more power to customise the look and feel of their store.
Magento’s back-end portal also allows for comprehensive inventory tracking to ensure you remain informed about your levels and availability.

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