The power of Drupal and Ozow at your fingertips

Drupal’s free, open-source content management system (CMS) is ideal for merchants looking for a modular solution that’s easily scalable. By integrating Ozow’s intuitive payments platform, your customers will have a way to transact with you safely and securely.

How to activate
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Why use Ozow and Drupal?

Ozow is one of South Africa’s fastest growing fintechs changing the finance landscape by creating cashless and contactless payment solutions.

Drupal offers merchants a modular and scalable eCommerce platform that can be built up or broken down depending on your needs.
They also utilise rich search interfaces that utilise multi-functional capabilities.
Merchants can also utilise Drupal’s customisation features to tailor the site to their brand CI.
Drupal also utilizes industry standard security, giving customers peace-of-mind when transacting.

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