Life at Ozow – the People Team

April 20, 2022

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Life at Ozow – the People Team

Ozow is growing at an exponential rate. In 2022 alone, we’ve set our sights on some incredible targets – new investments, acquisitions and mergers, and geographical expansion. But, one of the most exciting goals is to more than double the number of talented people who work at Ozow.  

So as our team grows, here’s a little insight into life at Ozow from a few members of our People Team – our People Operations Manager (POM), Talent Operations Specialist (TOS), and Head of People Operations (HPO).

What gets you most excited about coming to work?

POM: “The dogs in the office, the people are so warm, friendly and genuine, and the free healthy lunch. I should also not forget the adhoc snacks and laughs in the office.”

TOS: “The people and the prospect of a pending offer. As a Talent team, it thrills us when we land a gem, because we know the value it adds to a growing prosperous organisation like Ozow. Check out the HR office now and then, you might just see me and the Talent Acquisition Specialist dancing, which means ANOTHER GEM!”

HPO: “The People! At the rate Ozow is growing, we are in an incredibly fortunate place to offer new employees and current employees a lot of growth in their careers.”

What’s your favourite part about working in the People team?

POM: “The cohesiveness in the team, and the support from each member of the People team for all the successes we achieve in our day-to-day lives.”

TOS: “The collaboration and confidence we instil in each other. I am fully supported in every way possible, and this is hugely helpful in growing and becoming better versions of ourselves. We are a dream team and I can’t imagine a better union.”

HPO: “The standard of excellence within the team. Everyone is committed to building a world-class People team.”

What does your average day look like?

POM: “No day is the same. It’s exciting, stimulating and very, very energising.”

TOS: “My average day at Ozow is mainly spent communicating with candidates. You will always see me on the phone, and this is because it’s hugely important for us to keep candidates up to date and be known for an awesome candidate experience. I also spend lots of time reviewing our metrics by pulling reports and analysing our performance from a Talent perspective.”

HPO: “I begin my day by ensuring all my daily tasks are on my personal board and all pulses are updated. Then we move on to our Daily Stand Up. As I oversee the Talent and People Ops team, I attend both. I usually jump into our offers and candidates in the final stages of interviews. I then usually have interviews. From there I jump into any key employee requests I am a part of. Finally, I work on our team goals and then have 1-on-1s with Hiring Managers/HoDs to ensure they are equipped to support their team.”

What are your thoughts on your growth/potential growth at Ozow?

POM: “I am growing in my role. I have grown significantly in the last year and a half and Ozow has recognised my hard work and provided me with endless opportunities.”

TOS: “It is simply gobsmacking how quickly you can grow. Personal development and growth are of paramount importance to Ozow and its leadership. Ozow’s HODs and C-Suite have made it their personal mission to elevate each and every employee, as long as you are willing to work hard and add passion to everything you do. Attitude is everything.”

HPO: “So many opportunities! Ozow is a performance-led business, so if you perform you will be rewarded with interesting work, but ultimately it is up to you.”

What would you say to anyone new joining the department?

POM: “Prepare to work hard and be rewarded for your hard work!”

TOS: “Come with your sleeves rolled up, but also know that we will have your back every step of the way. Be willing to invest as much of yourself in the team and broader company, as they are willing to invest in you. You are very special, that’s why you are here.”

HPO: “Jump in! The standard is high, which makes it incredibly rewarding.”

What separates Ozow from other companies?

POM: “Their ambition for achieving excellence, at all times.”

TOS: “The fact that your opinion matters, across the business. You are treated as a very, very special person, and you will almost always feel like you are the only one in the room. Ozow knows that your prosperity is their prosperity. Ozow goes the extra mile to make sure you learn and grow. Nobody stagnates here.”

HPO: “The high expectations from all team members. This level of excellence ensures everyone on your team is aligned with what excellence looks like.”

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