Life at Ozow - Corporate Development and Strategy Team

November 8, 2022

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Life at Ozow - Corporate Development and Strategy Team

Ozow’s purpose is to close the digital divide and create greater access to the digital economy. And over the last eight years we’ve delivered on this with the release of innovative products and services like Payouts, Refunds, and Ozow pay by bank, which has seen us capture 80% of the merchant market in South Africa.  

However, it’s not just incredible products that allow us to do this. Post the close of our Series B funding round in November 2021 we’ve been on an aggressive drive to expand, with African and European countries on the cards. This expansion involves precise strategy and informed decision-making, which is where our Corporate Development and Strategy Team steps in. In this edition of Life at Ozow we talk to the team, gaining insight into their roles, responsibilities and what their day-to-day looks like.  

So, let’s meet the men who make up this dynamic trio: Clayton Wiggill, Head of Corporate Development and Strategy, and our two analysts in Corporate Development; Nicholas van Wyk and Mitch Harris.  

What gets you most excited about coming to work?

Clayton: “The opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues across departments.”

Nick: “In short, the people and the culture. Ozow has an amazing group of people all working hard to grow the company into an all-encompassing payment solutions business. It’s fantastic to work alongside such a driven team.”

Mitch: “Good views of Cape Town, great coffee and even better people!”

What's your favourite part about working in the Corporate Development & Strategy team?

Clayton: “We play a fundamental role in the future success of Ozow as we are tasked with successful development and execution of strategy to help drive growth and market success in pursuit of Unicorn status”

Nick: “We need to manage projects with various externalities and unknowns. This can be challenging but also very rewarding when you get it right.”

Mitch: “Interacting with companies and people that are at the forefront of one of the most exciting industries on a continent that is ripe for digital disruption.”

What does your average day look like?

Clayton: “The exciting thing is that every day is very different - we are normally juggling multiple projects, all of which require different levels of critical thinking, skill sets, and engagements with various stakeholders. The only constant is great coffee and banter.

Nick: “My average day will see me involved in the many different strategic projects that Ozow has on the go.  All of these typically involve research, drafting of reports or building financial models.”

Mitch: “The average day starts with a perfectly pulled coffee by our in-house barista, Onke. Other than that, no day is the same, some days are spent surveying the global fintech landscape to understand industry trends and where potential opportunities may lie. Others are spent researching and analysing new strategic projects and new geographic markets and products.

What would you say to anyone new joining the department?

Clayton: “Take the opportunity to have a coffee with everyone, there is so much you can learn from those around you.”

Nick: “Having an eye for detail is very important, but don't forget to see the forest for the trees.”

Mitch: “Come in with a growth mindset and learn something from everyone you deal with.”

What are your thoughts on your growth/potential growth at Ozow?

Clayton: “There is a blue-sky opportunity for growth at Ozow - I have learnt more in the past 18 months during my journey with Ozow than the previous five years of my career.”

Nick: “The fintech market in South Africa and much of Africa is still in its infancy. There is a massive opportunity to serve a growing and young underbanked population and Ozow is perfectly suited to capture this growth.”

Mitch: “Watching how Ozowks who deliver a high standard of excellence progress quickly is inspiring for my potential growth at Ozow.”

What separates Ozow from other companies?

Clayton: “Apart from the great culture and the opportunity to work with great people, you are entrusted with roles and responsibilities which can ignite your growth potential.”

Nick: “The great tech and the team who build and maintain it.”

Mitch: “The amount of time and effort that Ozow puts into its employees through its various initiatives: healthy food, weekly fitness sessions, a library, financial assistance for education, free laundry and so on…”

Barista-made coffee, plenty of banter and the opportunity to steer Ozow’s strategic direction are what make up a day in the life of our Corporate Development and Strategy team. Sound like the kind of work life that interests you? Then apply now.

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