Embracing Our Heritage

September 24, 2021

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Embracing Our Heritage

South Africa’s identity is built on the rich diversity of its people. We are more than just the languages we speak, the colour of our skin, or the countries we’ve been born in.


Our heritage and culture influence every part of our lives… our music, our food, our clothing, and how we work.


We asked a few of our Ozowks how their heritage and culture have helped to shape them into who they are today.  

We are deeply connected to our past. Who we are today is the product of everyone who came before us, explains George Losaba, our Commercial Executive at Ozow.

“There is a saying, Motho ke Motho ka Batho, which means… You are who you are through other people.”

“My heritage is my compass. Without it, I wouldn’t know where I came from, where I am and where I am going. To be able to say I am uMamQocwa, I am uZikhali, has made me proud of my heritage,”

says our Technical Head of Support, Bennita Tshokotshela.  

Our diversity has tremendous value in how we work too. 

“My Indian culture is richly imbued into every part of my life. It has deeply influenced my professional career, especially at Ozow. This is important, as it has pushed me to adapt and succeed in everything I do,”

says Nikita Dehal, one of Ozow’s Legal Managers.

Having been born in Korea, growing up in the Ivory Coast, and settling in South Africa, our Senior Sales Executive Hwan Lee can attest to this.

“There is a certain benchmark and level of excellence that is instilled in you from a young age. Added to this, my heritage and my set of values are centred on inclusion and respect. By understanding and having respect for others, it immediately sets a tone and helps to build stronger relationships with others.”

At Ozow, we are proud to have Ozowks from so many different nationalities. Hailing from the South of France, our Chief Operations Officer Jerome Touze has seen the value that his childhood spent travelling around the world has had on his experiences in the workplace.  

“Being well-travelled gives a person an appreciation of different cultures and provides a competitive advantage in the workplace. You better understand the different perspectives that everyone has, which adds a whole new dimension to how you engage with others,” he explains.

We have embraced our differences. The diversity of our team’s cultures, ideas, and ways of thinking really matter. It’s where our best ideas come from.

The multiple voices, perspectives, and personalities allow us to create innovative payment solutions that meet the needs of our merchants and consumers.  

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