Edgars And Ozow Partner To Breathe Life Into Payments

November 25, 2021

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Edgars And Ozow Partner To Breathe Life Into Payments

Think back to November 2020

It was the height of the pandemic. South Africa and its people were stuck in a seemingly never-ending tunnel of lockdowns, with the light at the end only a faint glimmer. We were due for a bit of feel-good news.

Step in Retailability, with its acquisition of beloved South African brand Edgars. The leading retail investment company saw the potential Edgars had to offer, even after a period which saw the iconic brand struggle to maintain its place in the market. The acquisition was a large one too, saving 130 stores and over 5000 jobs.

With a new parent company and a fresh lease on life, Edgars has continued to rehabilitate and rejuvenate itself in 2021. Part of this is providing more seamless payments for its customers by partnering with Ozow.

The partnership provides Edgars customers with a hassle-free payment experience. Paying for goods takes just about an instant, is done directly from their bank account, and from anywhere, at any time. All this means more time spent shopping and less time paying.

Safety and security when paying with Ozow

At Ozow, we understand the importance of safety, especially when it comes to money, and personal and financial information. That’s why creating secure payment solutions is a top priority for us.

By using cutting-edge technology, being licensed with regulatory bodies, encrypting information, and ensuring all payments are authorised, Ozow does everything possible to keep personal payment information safe.

Read more about this in our blog post about safety and security.

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