Cape Union Mart Embark On An Adventure With Ozow

January 31, 2022

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Cape Union Mart Embark On An Adventure With Ozow

If not in the outdoors, where else does it feel like you can experience the sun on your face, the crisp air in your lungs, the refreshment of cold mountain water, and the earth beneath your feet?

Where does adventure start, if not with the first step into nature?

Nowhere else, but Cape Union Mart.

As one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of outdoor clothing, gear and gadgets, Cape Union Mart has been providing explorers with high quality goods since 1933. Every time you walk into a Cape Union Mart store or visit their online shop, it’s as if you are transported to the great outdoors. It’s like your body and mind know you’re preparing to take on the natural world.

Now it’s time for their next big expedition. Except, it isn’t to conquer Kilimanjaro or settle under the stars in the Cedarberg. Rather, it’s to give their customers an easier journey to checkout.

Cape Union Mart is bringing Ozow payments in-store. Now, all intrepid adventurers who shop at any of the Cape Union Mart group stores (including Old Khaki, Poetry, Keedo, and Tread + Miller) can pay as easily in-store as they do online.

Customers can either scan a QR code at the point-of-sale, or use an SMS payment link sent by the teller to pay for their goods using Ozow.

“Our partnership with Ozow is so exciting because it lets us continue our journey to becoming a cashless retailer, giving our customers a hassle-free way to pay in-store, so they can enjoy more time in the wild”

,says Grant de Waal-Dubla, IT Executive at Cape Union Mart.

Payment safety with Ozow

Just like Cape Union Mart’s goods keep you safe and secure when you’re confronting mother nature and all her fury, so too does Ozow when processing your payments.

And we take it very seriously. With innovative technology, licenses with regulatory bodies, encrypted information and bank authorisations, Ozow takes every measure to ensure your information stays private, and your payments are secure.

Want to know the specifics? Check out our blog on safety and security here.

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