Don’t have your card on hand? No problem. Access all of your accounts Ozow safely and Ozow easily with your internet banking.

Fast payments

Ozow’s payment gateway is Ozow simple and Ozow fast that customers can make a payment in 60 seconds or less.

No registration needed

Make payments on Ozow easily and securely, without the hassle of registration. All you need is an internet banking profile.

Ozow payments are free

Customers who pay through Ozow only have to pay the merchant, enjoying no additional hidden charges when paying online.


Now there is no need for customers to send proof of payment, or make merchants wait for money to reflect in their bank account.

Hassle Free

Ozow simplifies the customer’s EFT payment experience so that it is Ozow much faster, Ozow much easier, and Ozow convenient.

Merchant Benefits

Secure, instant and irrevocable bank-to-bank payments.

Irrevocable payments

Once a payment has been confirmed, the transaction is irrevocable with no charge backs .

No credit card required

Receive payments directly from your customer's cheque, savings or credit account - credit cards aren’t necessary.

No registration

Shoppers do not need to enter into a lengthy registration process, you simply log in using your internet banking details.

Simple process

Experience less abandoned carts and many more happy customers by integrating Ozow's simple payment solution.

Instant notifications

Merchants are notified instantly if and when one of their customers have made any transactions through Ozow.

Increased sales

Entice new customers by providing them with an Ozow easy, Ozow fast, and Ozow trusted card-free payment solution.

Merchant Benefits

Secure, instant and irrevocable bank-to-bank payments.

Ozow Easy. Ozow Fast. Ozow Trusted.

Committed to real-time EFT security, here's how:

Ozow’s free protection programme ensures that merchants are able to receive the funds that have not yet arrived in their accounts (for an amount of up to R10 000) when processed as a payment through Ozow.

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Through our Ozow secure online payment processing service, customers are able to keep all personal and financial information Ozow private, thus significantly lowering the opportunity for identity theft or fraud to occur while paying online.

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